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ISO Colour Standard

All our work is printed to the specifications set out in ISO 12647-2 which is the international standard for colour and dot gain in sheet fed offset (lithographic) printing. This standard tells us exactly how to set up and calibrate our printing equipment to ensure that the results are consistent from job to job, month in month out. Theoretically, you should be able to take your print job to any printing company in the world, and as long as they're complying with the specifications set out in ISO 12647-2 and are using the same paper type and screening system (see Staccato Screening), you should get a good match.

Of course there are tolerances built into the standard which means that there may be a slight colour variation if repeat orders are placed. In fact depending on the exact colour mix being used a small variation is perfectly normal even across the same print run.

Whilst we have stringent checks in place to help us control the quality of our own work, unfortunately we can't say same for other print companies, so if you're looking for us to match something that another print company has produced this may be impossible since we have absolutely no control over how their equipment has been calibrated (if at all), or what paper type and screening system they have used.

You can read more about ISO 12647-2 on the ISO Website.

ISO Colour Standard
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