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Spot Colours

Most of the time our printing presses are set up to print full colour work (CMYK) which often means this is the best and most cost effective way for us to produce a job. However, on request we can also print spot-colour work, whether you need a special 5th colour adding to your full colour print, or a 1- or 2-spot colour job printing, all of our equipment is capable of producing this type of work.

We no longer publish prices for spot colour work on our website because advances in screening technology, in particular our use of Staccato Screening, means that most spot colours can now be simulated extremely well using CMYK inks.

Unless you need a metallic gold or silver ink we recommend that you take a good look at our section on Staccato Screening – in particular the part about Simulating Spot Colours – for some further infomation.

We've also created a special spot colour Sample Pack that contains swatches with some of the most common spot colours, as well as a range of blues, greens, reds and browns, all simulated with Staccato and CMYK. We're sure you'll be impressed with the results and are confident that most of the time we'll be able to convert your spot colours over to CMYK.

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