Staccato Screening

We use Staccato 20, an advanced screening technology developed by Kodak that produces true photographic quality print, free of visible artifacts such as moiré patterns and rosettes, we refer to this as 'High Definition' printing. Staccato produces outstanding results allowing us to reproduce very fine details and an extended colour gamut that is almost impossible to match using conventional screening methods. To learn about the differences between Staccato and conventional AM screening click here.

As an end-user some of the things that you'll benefit from most are:

The fantastic print quality that can be achieved with Staccato really does need to be seen. We've created a special Staccato Sample Pack that shows some examples of the difference between Staccato and conventional AM screens. It also contains swatches with some of the most common spot colours, as well as a range of blues, greens, reds and browns, all simulated with Staccato and CMYK – we're sure you'll be impressed with the results.


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Staccato Screening
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