Staccato Screening: Small Type & Illustrations

You'll have no trouble reading fine print with Staccato. No matter how small the point size, your text will print crisp and clear, even with serifs. You can even reverse type out of light and medium toned backgrounds and get great results.

Staccato uses ink more efficiently than conventional screening. That means you'll get smooth flat colours that are free from screening patterns – beautiful uninterrupted tint builds that look saturated even when they are 'screened-back' into the midtones or lighter.

Fine line art is rendered seemlessly and colour selection is virtually unlimited when you have Staccato on your side. You'll benefit from a much expanded colour gamut which means you can get bright, punchy colour when you need it, or cool pastels if that's the mood you're in.

To learn about the differences between Staccato and conventional AM screening click here.

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