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Environmental Awareness

As a company we have made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. In additional to implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS), one of the most significant ways we are achieving this is through the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, the main principle of which is to strip waste from our processes. This includes both raw material and energy waste.

Over the last few years we have:

  • Reduced make ready waste by approximately 95%;
  • Reduced waste to landfill by 80% (our target is zero waste to landfill);
  • Implemented a company wide recycling scheme;
  • Reduced our electricity consumption by over 20%;
  • Moved to paperless invoicing;

In addition we can also offer our customers the flexibility of specifying environmentally friendly papers which may be used on our complete range of printed products. Whenever you want to show your green credentials, we have a range of green papers to suit.

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Environmental Policy
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