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Paper Types

We have a range of standard papers that have been selected to enable us to offer you the best prices without compromising quality, but we also want to ensure that our customers have the widest possible choice, including being able to specify the type of paper that their job gets printed on.

We deal with most of the national paper merchants and are able to source almost any paper that you may require, so whether you need a coated, uncoated, tinted, environmental or speciality paper for something extra special, we are sure to be able to source it for you.

Like any other commodity the cost of paper pulp fluctuates on a daily basis which means that paper prices are always going up and down. To ensure we receive the best rates when buying in paper we use several different suppliers and buy the paper brand(s) that are most cost effective at that point in time. We've selected and print tested a range of coated and uncoated papers that are of a similar high grade and use them interchangeably on all our standard products.

If you're not sure which paper or board will work best for your job then don't hesitate to get in touch with out Customer Services team on 01260 292300 or email us at,

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