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Turnaround Times: Understanding Our Despatch Dates

We try to keep you informed on the progress of all your orders, including the estimated despatch times, by using the following methods:

Weekly Status Reports
Every Monday at 10.30am we will send you a status report email showing the current status of all your orders. The status report shows the current status of each order together with the estimated despatch date.

This notification email is always sent but you may change the email address that it is sent to in the My Account area.

Daily Status Reports
We will send you a status update email every day at 10.30am and again at 4.30pm but ONLY if the status of one of your orders has changed since the last status update email was sent. If nothing has changed then you will not receive this email.

This notification email may be switched on or off and you may change the email address that it is sent to in the My Account area.

My Account Area
You can track the progess of all your orders by logging in to the My Account area of this website.

Despatch Dates
If your order has been given an estimated despatch date the date will be shown on the status reports emails and in the My Account area. Any items that haven't had a despatch date applied will display the standard lead time shown as a number of working days. Once the order is approved/paid for this will change to the actual estimated despatch date.

If you have requested an earlier despatch date this will also be shown as a date followed by (R) on the status report emails, and if we have agreed a despatch date for the order it will be shown as a date followed by (A).

The My Account area displays the estimated despatch date and any requested/agreed dates for all your orders.

Standard Despatch Times
Understanding Our Despatch Dates
Requesting A Despatch Date

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