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Coated Papers

Coated paper is one of the most popular stocks that we print on and we offer them in both gloss and matt/silk finishes (depending on the brand of paper, the words silk and matt are sometimes interchangeable). As part of the printing process, we seal all coated papers with a protective emulsion coating which allows print finishing processes to be performed on the sheets within a very short length of time after being printed.

Some brands that we may source from time to time include Core, Creator, Hello, Holloway, Lumi, Maine, Regency and Satimat.

The most common paper weights are:

  • 90gsm;
  • 100gsm;
  • 115gsm;
  • 130gsm;
  • 150gsm;
  • 170gsm;
  • 200gsm;
  • 250gsm;
  • 300gsm;
  • 350gsm;
  • 400gsm;

Coated papers are commonly used for Brochures, Leaflets, PostcardsPresentation Folders and Greetings Cards due to the vibrancy and exceptional reproduction of colours and fine detail.

Please note that due to its physical properties coated paper can only be written on with a biro or permanent marker. If you need to write on your print job then please make sure you test a sample before placing the order to ensure that you are happy with the results. Ltd, Roe Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1PS • Registered in England & Wales • Reg No 2924550
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