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No Carbon Required (NCR) Papers

NCR paper is used in multi-part NCR Forms and allows your writing to transfer through to each part in the set without using carbon paper. The surface of the sheet is chemically coated so when pressure is applied, i.e. when your pen presses onto the top sheet, the writing chemical coating on the sheets reacts and your writing becomes visible on the surface of all the sheets.

NCR middle and bottom sheets are usually 70gsm, and although our standard top sheet is also 70gsm white top sheets are also available in slightly heavier weights, with 80gsm being the most common. All sheets (top, middle and bottom) are also available in a standard range of colours as shown here:

  • White;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Yellow;
  • Pink;

After the sheets have been printed they are usually collated into sets (for example a 3-part NCR set may consist of an 80gsm white top sheet, a 70gsm green middle sheet and a 70gsm yellow bottom sheet) and a special glue is applied that sticks one edge of the sheets together so that each set is fixed together. After they've been written on it's easy for the sheets to be separated from one another by simply pulling them apart.

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