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Wire-O Bound Brochures

Wire-O binding is commonly used to bind calendars, instruction manuals or product brochures that need to lie flat or be able to fold back on themselves when opened. They are produced in a similar way to plastic combe binding in that individual pages are cut down to size, then collated into sets that comprise each individual book. Each collated set (or book) is then punched along the spine edge with a series of holes. Instead of a plastic comb, wire-o binding uses a series of parallel wire loops that are inserted through the punch holes and attached along a wire along the spine.

This method of binding does allow the books to lie flat but it can't hold as many pages as plastic comb binding.

To enable us to quote for your Wire-O bound brochures please make sure you supply the following information:

  • The type of product (whether it's a brochure or calendar);
  • If it's a calendar, whether it needs a thumb cut and hanger;
  • The finished size;
  • The number of pages;
  • The type of printing and paper type;
  • Which edge you want binding;
  • Whether you need any extra finishing such as laminating, die-cutting or uv-spot varnishing;
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